TDS Holidays

We attempt to follow local school holiday patterns, but some dates may differ. Please check the Newsletters page for this term's dates.

We take 2 weeks over Easter, 3 weeks at Christmas, and 5 weeks during Summer. We do operate coaching classes during holidays, and a summer school - these are optional.

We close Monday to Friday for half terms, but will be open every Saturday.

We are usually open for the first May Bank Holiday due to our May exam session. Other Bank Holidays usually fall within half term and holiday dates.

Our exam sessions are scheduled to take place just before May, February or October half term holidays.

Each February all children progress into the higher Saturday class. Weekly graded classes change as exams are taken. This leads to minor changes in timetable 3 times a year, following each exam session.

Children are expected to attend every lesson. We must be notified with reasons for absence by way of a note, text message, or e-mail. Fees are payable for missed lessons.